Here are some of the custom items developed in-house at Epic Adventures.

Items of artefact-level power are marked with an asterisk *.


* Banathar

Bolts of the Cryptcrawler

* Dragon Horn Blade

Flat Black Dagger

Hunderís Axe

Imperial Blades


Rat Teeth Dagger

Sea Lord Trident

Staff of Damned Radiance

The Sword of Mensh


Breastplate of the Guardians

Lord Dunnonís Platinum Plate

Ryan ďThe FailureísĒ Helmet

Von Morden Mail

* Witchbone Armour


The Dead Queenís Wedding Ring

Jhezan's Ring of Illusion

* Ring of the Elder Witch

Ring of the Sewer

Wands, Rods & Staves

Mortal Shell

Wand of Zero-Effect


Cloak of the Scorpion Fish

Cover of Darkness

Playwright's Cloak

Robes of Monarchic Disdain


The Apple of Vay

Castlenum & Stonemasonís 200% Fat Free Crackers

Castlenum & Stonemasonís Pot of Nearly Endless Tea

Castlenum & Stonemasonís Travelling Gentlemanís Hamper

* Chime of the Ancient Mariner

The Circlet of Nierron Tein

The Editor's Quill

* The Eye of Mensh

Grand Broom of Flying

Hand of Glory

Hunderís Girdle of Strength

Kodraís Charm of the Perpetual

Pantheon of Small Gods

Riderís Saddle

Roscoís Mechanical Hat

The Talon

Vanity Mirror

Witch Ball

Witch Bottle

* World Cauldron



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