The Sword of Mensh

The Sword of Mensh is the hereditary heirloom and ceremonial weapon of the Princes of Mensh.  This rapier is a work of art, the blade is dwarven steel while the basket grip is gold and both grip and solid gold sheath are studded with emeralds, star sapphires and pearls.  The sword is a symbol of the wealth of the port-city of Mensh and the military power of its army and navy.

In combat the sword functions as a rapier +3, +4 vs. giants, ogres and trolls.  Once per day the Sword of Mensh can inspire terror in those around the wielder as per the priest spell Cloak of Fear at 14th level.  To use this power the sword must be drawn and held aloft.  The sword also functions as the magical key to several heavily sealed chambers in the Marble Palace of Mensh, including the royal treasury.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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