Castlenum & Stonemasonís Travelling Gentlemanís Hamper

The most prestigious, exclusive and needless to say expensive boutique in the world is the famous Castlenum and Stonemason.The store was established 260 years ago and is still run by the same dwarves who set it up; Castlenum Burblethrip Kildunnum Hon Kildunnum Graybolt and Stonemason Hurgum Stonemason Stonemason Stonemason Hurgrum.These two dwarves, epicures and arbiters of taste in cuisine, maintain a store filled with delicacies that can be found nowhere else and their best selling product is the Castlenum and Stonemasonís Travelling Gentlemanís Hamper; a culinary magic box which no man of noble blood would be caught travelling without.

The hampers come in a variety of sizes and the contents vary according to the requirements and tastes of the purchaser.25% are compact, containing 5 items.25% are standard, containing 10 items.25% are deluxe, containing 15 items.15% are super-deluxe, containing 20 items.10% are imperial, containing 25 items.A hamper will sustain an individual in a state of culinary luxury for a number of days equal to the number of items it contains and because of the special preservative processes used by Castlenum & Stonemason, there is no chance of any of the items spoiling.

Typical items included in a hamper are roasted vegetables in a mantrap sauce, tinned gremlin, sugared treant root truffles, roast chicken stuffed with a slightly smaller chicken, kraken eye jelly, three flour bread, pickled elephant, grilled phoenix, snake curry and a variety of other strange but delicious things.In addition to these things a hamper may have even more unusual items, including extra-extra-hot sauce (a whole jar of which will eat a man-sized hole through two inches of iron in about an hour), Castlenum & Stonemasonís Seasoning (a shaker contains a ten uses and will make the blandest of food taste fantastic), and the scandalous but popular aphrodisiac oysters (anyone consuming some will regard everyone as if they were 4 charisma points higher Ė with their racial maximum being the limit Ė for 6 hours).

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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