Ryan “The Failure’s” Helmet

Ryan Antbruf wasn’t exactly the bravest constable the village of Sneespoint ever had.  Neither was he the strongest, or the most skilled.  In fact after he was named as the village constable his reputation as a dullard, a twit and a failure spread throughout the surrounding countryside like wildfire.  Bandits, hearing these tales of an unprotected village, gathered in groups and set out to rob the villagers blind.  Imagine the surprise of the bandits – and Ryan himself – when their volley of crossbow bolts struck Ryan square in the chest and he didn’t even flinch.  In the ensuing combat the bandits peppered him with two dozen bolts and one by one Ryan the Failure replied by cutting them down with his rusted short sword.  As soon as the bandits were dead Ryan himself fell over and died.

The secret of Ryan’s success – from the point of view of those he was charged to protect – was part of the uniform of the village constable.  Sneespoint had once been home to the human enchanter Guntur Eglisse and he had often been called on by the villagers to save them from some wandering beast or another.  Guntur was a kindly wizard, but had chosen to live in the backwater village to enjoy the quiet and pursue his studies, so while he didn’t want the villagers to die, equally he didn’t want to be disturbed every time a bear wandered into the local inn.  So he made a magical helmet for the village’s constable.  Time passed and Guntur eventually died of old age, his tower fell into disrepair then ruins and both he and his gift were forgotten.

The wearer of the failure’s helmet is charged to protect the village of Sneespoint.  When acting in defence of the village the wearer can sustain as many as 100 hit points of extra damage before dying, so a character with 26 hit points normally, could sustain 126 hit points of damage and still function but would die after taking 127 hit points of damage.  The powers of the helmet will function until the immediate danger to the village is gone.  When the danger is gone the helmet will heal 10 hit points to the wearer, but if the wearer is still using any of the 100 bonus hp granted by the helmet they will instantly die.  The helmet’s powers will function once per week.

When the helmet was created, the wizard Guntur created a keyword which would allow the place of defence to be changed.  The keyword was never disclosed by Guntur to anyone and his spell book must now be dust, so locating the exact word would require use of legend lore or similar other magic.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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