Rosco’s Mechanical Hat

This wide-brimmed red fedora hat, covered in feathers, was manufactured for the merchant Rosco of Rosco & Co. by a gnomish inventor.  Rosco was never skilled in combat, but as a merchant he was often compelled to meet with people who were.  Fearful of his life being taken from him in some dingy tavern, what Rosco needed was a weapon which didn’t require any skill to use and that was what he got.

Rosco’s Mechanical Hat reads the wearer’s facial expressions, so if the wearer deviates significantly from a relaxed appearance or a smile then the hat will react accordingly.  If the wearer of the hat frowns severely then a small compartment in the front of the hat will open and a metal bolt will shoot out.  This bolt has a speed of 1 to fire, a THAC0 of 15 and does 1d4 damage.  The hat can contain 10 such bolts and any blacksmith should be able to make replacements providing he has an undamaged bolt to work from as an example.

If the wearer of the hat screams then the hat performs its second function.  The top of Rosco’s hat flips open and a burst of light is emitted.  Anyone within 6’ of the wearer must save vs paralysation or be blinded for 1d6 rounds, with standard penalties for blind fighting.  The wearer of the hat is protected from the burst by the wide brim of the hat.  The hat automatically recharges the burst after a few hours in the light – 1 hour in bright light, 2 hours in overcast conditions, 4 hours in dull conditions, 8 hours in torchlight, 16 hours in candlelight.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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