The World Of Saas: A major project to deliver a free custom world on-line.  Saas is as epic as worlds come.

Adventures: Previous adventures and adventure hooks which have featured in EA games.

Creatures: Check out some of the weird and wonderful creatures you could include in your campaign.

Items: Powerful, specialized, strange, unusual, valuable, creative, destructive, you name it, we’ve got it!

Jewellery Generation Table: Improve your treasure hoards with this table for generating jewellery.

Raelism: The collected religious, philosophical and medical works of Uester Rael, Battleguard Priest of Tempus.

RPGuides: Interested in roleplaying?  The Epic Adventures RPGuides will help sort your Stats from your THAC0.

Spells: Created by a team of experienced R&D mages and available at a spell emporium near you.

Winners: Here are winners of the Epic Adventures Imp Awards.  All great sites worth a visit.



The AD&D Guide to Trees: A short work listing and describing the qualities of several trees unique to the Forgotten Realms setting.

Complete Guide to Alcohol: Everything you need to know about booze in AD&D, includes new spells, items, proficiencies, creatures and a huge list of drinks.

Complete Guide to Herbs: A comprehensive listing of a vast number of herbs, includes also where to find them and what their common uses are.

Great Net Equipment List: Compiled from various TSR products the Great Net Equipment List provides prices for virtually everything in an AD&D world.

Netbook of Armour: Large list of new armour types based on real-world armour but never included in TSR rules.

Netbook of Proficiencies: Comprehensive listing of all non-weapon proficiencies (NWPs) published by TSR drawn from a number of sources.

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