Playwright’s Cloak

This article is made to order by a company of dwarves that dominate the market in the supply of theatrical equipment.  Although more popular with the travelling companies that operate as cover for bands of thieves, these cloaks are also found in the possession of the established theatres and some inevitably find their way into the hands of adventurers – who seem able to make use of almost anything.  It was originally intended to protect writers of plays which were not well received from being pelted to death by over-ripe fruit and opera glasses and being subsequently lynched for refusing to give refunds.

A Playwright’s Cloak looks exactly like a normal opera cloak, down to the red lining.  Only the insignia of the manufacturer stitched into the back of the neck belays the cloak’s true nature.  The wearer of this cloak benefits from +1 to their armour class and a continuous Protection Against Normal Missiles (thrown missiles only).  Also, once per week the cloak can cast Invisibility on the wearer as per the wizard spell at 6th level.  If the wearer needs invisibility more than once a week then there’s probably something seriously wrong with the show or the wearer just isn’t cut out for show business.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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