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Ho there wanderer, and welcome to the home of the Epic Adventures partnership.  EA is a group of DM’s and players who work together to create truly epic adventures on-line using OpenRPG software.  EA is dedicated to games in 2nd and 3rd Edition AD&D and acts as hub to supply players with places in on-line games and provide DM’s with help in constructing games.

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What’s Cool, Imp?

Tools – Contains our Adventures, Creatures, Items, RPGuides, Spells and various great resources.

Tomb – Characters who’ve played in EA games in the past (dead and alive) and characters in current games.

Saas – An entire epic world in development and ready to be played in by any party.

Players – Alternative profiles of the DM’s who run Epic Adventures games and maintain this website.

The Content Imp Awards – Our awards program for online gaming websites, given for web content.

Award Winners – Links to previous winners of the Content Imp Awards.

Trophy Cabinet – Awards that have been given to Epic Adventures and are polished lovingly by the Imp.


What’s New, Imp?

This website was launched on Saturday the 12th of January 2002.  The following links are updates to this site and to other websites in the Epic Adventures partnership.

20th December: Still working on the Epic Adventures Netbook of Books and your input is needed to make the whole thing a success.  Visit the forum to contribute you book titles – we’ve got more than 150 already.  Some small errors have been corrected on the site and Fantasy Economics has had some additions made.  No more news for now… but expect to hear about a new EA game in the New Year.  Register your interest now at our message board!  I can say no more, I have already risked too much!  Run Luke, run!

14th November: Work continues on the Epic Adventures Netbook of Books; this project will see the Netbook relaunched with hundreds of new additions, new rules for library construction and complete descriptions of game effects for 1,000 specialist tomes.  To contribute, add your name suggestions to the forum here.  Epic Adventures has won two new awards.  The Secrets of Saltmarsh campaign has a new website.  PBeM Nexus is awarded the Steel Imp.  The Nameless World campaign has had its character sheets and its epic story updated; read the continuing story of the party as they battle tunnel worms in search of the missing clerics.

4th November: A new RPGuide is added today; Fantasy Economics is a vital read for any DM whose campaign has lots of trade and players who like to splash the cash.  A sixth Netbook is added to our tools section, The AD&D Guide to Trees identifies and describes several new tree species unique to the Forgotten Realms setting.

2nd November: Massive update!  Five netbooks have been added to the Tools section and are available for download; these are the Complete Guides to Alcohol and Herbs, the Great Net Equipment List and the Netbooks of Armour and Proficiencies.  A new RPGuides article is added: Witches and Witchcraft separates the truth from the myths about traditional witchcraft and explains the origins of several items essential to the witch archetype.  The Lady of Mensh is added to Saas, while her own creation The Eye of Mensh, is added to Tools.  The first ever winner of the Imp’s Artifact Award is announced.  The Wells of Immortality message board has a new look and The Nameless World website has updates to it ongoing saga, character sheets and adds to its pantheon the dwarven goddess of avarice, trade and the sea.

15th October: Prince Kurt von Morden, patriarch of the port-city of Mensh, is added to the world of Saas and his magical items Hunder’s Axe, Hunder’s Girdle of Strength, Von Morden Mail, The Sword of Mensh and the Sea Lord Trident are added to tools.  The Nameless World updates its character sheets and the two latest instalments of the Nameless World Saga; Voyage of Dread part 1 and 2.

5th October: Two new items added today: Castlenum & Stonemason’s Pot of Nearly Endless Tea and Mortal Shell.  The Nameless World updates its character sheets and the geography of the Nameless World with the addition of Bear’s Paw Island.

30th September: Epic Adventures opens a new section in Tools; RPGuides gives you the low-down and a heads-up on AD&D roleplaying.  The first two essays are Statistic Dynamic, looking at just how much a characters statistics reveal about their background, and Eh?, which answers the very basic questions of what is an RPG?  Also today Wells of Immortality updates its character sheets, with many of the adventurers now approaching 7th level in this 18 month long campaign.

Special Announcement: A new D&D 3e Epic Adventures game is launched, the Secrets of Saltmarsh.  Apply to join the game at our message board and read about the DM of this new game here.

26th September: Two new artefacts find their way into the Tools section of Epic Adventures: the greatest tool of witchcraft, the World Cauldron; and the sword Banathar which was the focal weapon in the recent Epic Adventures game, the Crown of Kings.  The Nameless World story goes on and the party of adventurers find themselves in a pitched battle aboard ship in the latest instalment, Pirate Hunt Part 3.

19th September: The Nameless World updates its character sheets as the party continues to grow in skill and power.  Read about Roger, the remarkable DM of this long-running and excellently executed game.

17th September: Wells of Immortality has moved location (again), find the new home of this intrepid band of heroes and misfits here, or read about the DM for Wells, the fearsome and unpredictable Dragonpearl.  The Nameless World story continues to unfold with the latest instalment: Pirate Hunt Part 2.

11th September: The Nameless World saga continues with the latest adventure instalment Pirate Hunt Part 1 where the fellows do battle with two white dragons!

9th September: Ever wondered exactly what the religious works of the Forgotten Realms were like?  Wonder no more and read the works of Battleguard Priest of Tempus Uester Rael – whose collected works comprise the Tempurian school of thought, Raelism.  Long time since our last update.  In that time there have been several updates to The Nameless World and Wells of Immortality has got a completely new look.  Sadly the Crown of Kings game has been closed.

27th July: “Archmage” Bongo the Lucky discloses the secrets of some of the most unusual spells on the world of Saas.  Marvel at the audacity of his Amazingly Convincing Disguise, wonder at the inventiveness of Solid Lightning, ponder the meaning of life while leaning on a Highly Useful Shovel then beat-up God with a Large Board With A Nail Through.  Can your wizard afford to be without these spells?

25th July: Wells of Immortality updates its character sheets.  Now Lin Chien the Warrior is only a level and half away from dual classing to become a thief, while the Ashtaroth the Shadow Mage prepares to cast his first level four spell.

Special Announcement: On the 24th day of the 7th month of this year, David F. Porteous, The Content Imp of Epic Adventures, celebrated his 22nd Birthday.  He now intends to stop counting.


Current Games

Right now Epic Adventures has three games running: Wells of Immortality (2nd Edition, set in the Forgotten Realms), The Nameless World (2nd Edition, set in its own custom world) and Secrets of Saltmarsh (3rd Edition, set in the Forgotten Realms).


More of Everything

EA is always looking for more DM’s to run on-line games.  If you have the creative energies to invest in a group of players, if you’re familiar with any Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system and if you’d like to fill the rewarding position of DM, but can’t be bothered maintaining a message board or hunting down players then Epic Adventures is for you.  EA will give you a forum on our message boards, provide you with a network of links to your own site if you have one, or provide some web space for you if you don’t, and help you to locate players.  For more details send an e-mail to the Content Imp.

As well as DM’s, Epic Adventures is always looking for new players.  Pop by our forums and register your interest in the New Players section, or post under New Games.  Everyone is welcome and it shouldn’t be long until you find a place.  Currently all of our games are run using OpenRPG, so before you can play you need visit their site and download the latest version and the python software used to run it.  All the software needed to join EA is currently absolutely free.

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