Mortal Shell

The eight-sided, foot-long, iron rod named Mortal Shell is one of the famous Rods of the Princes each one of which is held as a badge of office by provincial rulers of the kingdom of Boune. Mortal Shell is the Rod of Mensh and is currently in the possession of its aged Prince, Kurt von Morden.

When activated by speaking a command word Mortal Shell creates a shimmering bubble of force around the holder of the rod. This bubble is 16 in diameter and will be hemispherical if the wielder is standing on the ground at the time. The bubble is fixed in one location and cannot be moved although those inside it may move normally. Nothing may pass either way through the barrier (including water and magical gaze attacks) until it has absorbed 10 damage dice at which point the Mortal Shell collapses. This could be from 10 long sword blows (against AC0), 5 great sword blows, or a fireball from a level 10 wizard. If spells are used to bring down the mortal shell it is important to note that no effect remains from such spells a fireball which hits the shell does no damage to those around the shells outside and start no fires. Furthermore extra damage dice are discarded, so two fireballs cast by a level 9 wizard give 18 damage dice, but as both spells are required to bring down the barrier, neither take effect.

Those inside the bubble can time their attacks for the bubble collapsing, so all those inside all attack in the same time period as the barrier comes down. It is also possible to raise the barrier again in the next time period if the holder uses another charge. When used in this way Mortal Shell can allow a group to fight against otherwise impossible odds.

Mortal Shell holds a maximum of 50 charges and one charge is restored by casting any three protection from spells (such as protection from normal missiles, protection from amorphs, protection from magical weapons) into the wand.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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