Staff of Damned Radiance

Staffs of Damned Radiance are always made from the bones of great creatures of who have died, been risen into undeath and then slain again.  Because each of the staffs is made from a unique bone, each one is of a different length and bears a different decoration.  Usually the images depicted on the item will involve both the form of the animal in life and its form in undeath.

This six foot long staff was carved entirely from the hind thigh bone of the dracolich Guiessern The Blue, who was struck down at the fall of Alanthor’s First Empire and was reanimated as a dragon lich by the same magic that killed him.  Exactly what killed Guiessern a second time is unknown, but such a battle must have been epic.  The staff shows the ancient blue dragon in life breathing down lightning, then on the opposite side it shows him in death breathing a cloud of black vapour.

This item is only usable by a necromancer or lich.  In combat the staff functions as a quarterstaff +2.  Once per week the wielder may invoke the spirit of the beast used in the construction of the staff.  A shadowy form of the creature in question forms around the wielder of the staff and will perform one action – it will defend the wielder (absorbing a number of hit points equal to one quarter what it possessed in life; it will attack any single target designated by the wielder (it will be allowed only 1 attack which will be as standard for its species in life – not in death); or finally it may confer a single use of any of its special powers to the wielder (in this case the ability to breath like a blue dragon OR cause dragon fear OR fly).  If the chosen special power does not have an instantaneous effect then it will last for 1 combat segment (6 seconds) for every level of the wielder of the staff – so a 19th level lich could use this staff to fly at the speed and class of an ancient blue dragon for 19 segments (1 minute and 54 seconds).

Staffs of Damned Radiance exist which have been created from troll bones (giving regenerative power), shark bones (giving the ability to breath under water), snake skeletons (making the wielder’s attacks poisonous) and a variety of other materials limited only by DM ingenuity.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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