Von Morden Mail

House von Morden ascended from commoners to the nobility of Boune some brief fifty years ago, gaining the coronet of Prince of Mensh.  The Kingdom of Boune is a politically factious state where, due to the nation’s dependence upon mercenary armies much of an individual principality’s clout is based upon their wealth.  In Boune therefore the preferred style of armour among the noble houses is coin scale; a rare type of armour where rather than simple metal links the protective areas are made out of coins.

Only five suits of Von Morden Mail exist, one for each living male member of the House von Morden, and aside from size differences each is identical.  The suits are made from between seven hundred and fourteen hundred platinum coins all bearing the coat of arms of Mensh on one side and the face of Prince Kurt von Morden on the other.  These are the only platinum coins which have ever been minted by House von Morden, with the majority of large currency exchanges taking place in the form of trade bars created by dwarves.

A suit of Von Morden Mail functions as Coin Scale +3 (AC3) and does not interfere with spell casting or have any effect on thieving abilities.  The armour weighs nothing once worn – it is possible to swim in it without encumbrance – and makes no more sound than normal clothing.  When worn by a member of House von Morden the armour’s true purpose become apparent.  The armour is intended to display both power and status, and the armour gives the wearer a remarkable presence.  Any troops led by the wearer will never rout from battle and are immune to all fear effects as long as the wearer of the armour stands firm, this can be as few men as a squad to as many as an army.  Finally, the armour has certain properties which defend the noble wearer from ignoble attacks; these make the wearer immune to backstab attacks, sleep spells and attacks from non-monstrous animals.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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