Kodra’s Charm of the Perpetual

Kodra was a professor of necromancy, well respected in his area of study and one of the pioneers in the modern field of white necromancy – using the lore of the undead to destroy them rather than control them.  This charm, which takes the form of a silver skull about an inch in diameter, was Kodra’s attempt to create an item which would allow wizards to turn the undead in the same way priests do.  Sadly there was some flaw in his magic – perhaps an introduced flaw – and the first testing proved fatal for the distinguished necromancer.

But though the charm does not allow the wearer to do as Kodra intended it does protect them from the special attacks of the undead.  The wearer of this charm cannot be affected by level drain – either through the spell or through touch attacks – or by any touch attacks of the undead (including, but not limited to, the aging effects of ghosts, the paralysing attack of ghouls and ghasts, the disease of a mummy, the touch of a lich, or the strength draining attacks of various assorted creatures).  Placing this charm around the neck of vampire is known to force them to assume mist form and retreat for at least one hour, though the reason for the item having this second power is unknown.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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