Cover of Darkness

This tattered shroud appears to be nothing more than worthless grey rags, even a detect magic spell will not reveal that the rags are magical.  In fact anything touching the rags, or carried by someone wearing the Cover of Darkness will not detect as magical either.  Only by use of the identify spell will the true nature of the rags be revealed.

Anyone wearing the Cover of Darkness draped around their shoulders is subject to a continuous Non-Detection as per the wizard spell, but the greatest part of the shroud’s power is not in avoiding detection, but escaping capture.  Once per day the Cover of Darkness can be used to cast a Darkness 15’ Radius centred on the point where the wearer is, next the Cover will Teleport Without Error the wearer to a random safe location (not in mid-air or inside an object) 100 yards away.  The wearer can invoke the power of the Cover with a thought, but has no control over where it will take him.  All equipment that the wearer was carrying goes with him and the wearer may elect to take one other person with him, but he must be touching this person with both hands when the power of the Cover is invoked.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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