Imperial Blades

Each of the 1000 of the Emperor of Alanthor’s elite personal guards carries an Imperial Blade.  These swords are all identical: four feet long with a four inch wide blade and a basket hilt made of descanted steel and only its magical enchantments allow such a heavy blade to be wielded one-handed.  On the blade of each sword is the phrase “In Feidio Defanse Regis” which is ancient common and means “In True Defence Of The Emperor.”

The Imperial Blades were created by the priests of Volus more than 800 years ago at the founding of the Imperial Guard, after the assassination of the Emperor Kaeden II.  It was widely believed at the time that it was his successor and brother, who took the name Kaeden III, who had arranged his assassination and that it was Kaeden III’s fear of treachery that led him to create the bodyguard.  However it was later discovered by a group of adventurers that it was in fact the Military Duke Henry Rolstrom who had the previous emperor killed and that the same Military Duke was plotting the death of Kaeden III, last of the Imperial family.  The Imperial Guard thwarted the attempt on the Emperor’s life and, thanks to the Imperial Blades, they were able to hold the palace against forces loyal to Rolstrom until the city guard could be roused.

An Imperial Blade has a speed of 4 and does 1d12 damage against both large and small opponents.  The power of each blade is determined by its distance from the Emperor of Alanthor.  Outside of 10 miles distance the blades have no plusses to hit or damage.  Outside of 1 mile a blade has +1 to hit.  Outside of half a mile the blade has +1 to hit and +1 to damage.  Outside of 100 yards the blade has +2 to hit and +1 to damage.  Within 100 yards of the person of the Emperor of Alanthor the blade receives +3 to hit and +2 to damage.  An Imperial Blade cannot harm the crowned Emperor of Alanthor or the heir apparent to the imperial throne – though the blade can strike it will deliver no damage.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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