Witch Bottle

For more details about real world witches see the RPGuides article Witches & Witchcraft.

This simple glass and metal bottle has its roots in the superstitious practices of hedge wizards and wise-women.  It used to be believed, and still is in small backwater places, that curses can be placed by almost any aged person (or “witch”) or any of a hundred invisible spirits which surround them.  To combat these curses the first witch bottles were made.  These early witch bottles would counter only the most minor of magic (cantrip level), while the later bottles, constructed by true witches of great power with extra-planar knowledge, are capable of thwarting the wrath of gods.

By placing their urine, blood and fingernails in the witch bottle then boiling it in a fire, any curse which is affecting an individual will be reflected upon the person who cast it upon them, regardless of barriers and distance, including the caster and victim being on different planes.  For every level higher the caster of the curse was than the victim there is a 5% chance that the bottle will not be of sufficient power to reflect the curse and the bottle will shatter before boiling.  If the bottle breaks the effects of the curse upon the victim are doubled as appropriate.  This item cannot reflect curses inflicted by divine powers, but it will nullify the effects if a successful roll is made as above against a level 25 caster and prevents the curse being reapplied for a period of 2d6 days.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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