This page contains links to other websites which you might like to visit because they’re very important, terribly interesting and the people who run them are extremely nice.  If you’re very important, terribly interesting and extremely nice – or a pretty girl – then you too can have a link on this page, just contact the Content Imp with your address and a description of what you are all about.  It would also be swell if you linked to us too.  Sites which have won a Content Imp Award are marked with an asterisk * for the Bronze Imp, * for the Steel Imp, * for the Imp’s Artifact Award.  For links to other winners pages, see our Winners Section.

* * 2nd Edition Spell Inventory: The largest record of second edition AD&D spells on the web.  Includes TSR spells – though many of the descriptions from non-core books are missing – and spells submitted by users of the site.  Winner of the Steel Imp and first ever winner of the Imp’s Artifact Award.

* 2 The Xtreme: Long running OpenRPG campaign with a very professional website containing an abundance of information.

Access Denied: Network of role-playing sites.

The Home of AD&D: TSR has long since been consumed by Wizards of The Coast, and Wizards has become food for the giant Potato-Headed Beast, Hasbro, but AD&D continues and this is its current home on the web.

ADND Players: The home of AD&D players on Geocities.

* Bryde’s Medieval and Goodies Website: A genuinely vast amount of info on all subjects medieval.

* OpenRPG: The creators of the software used by EA to make magic happen.  Software is frequently updated.  If you are new you will need to download the latest version of the software.  When new versions are released please check with your DM about when your game will be upgrading.

Dungeons and Dragons Adventures: This site boasts over 300 complete adventures, plus information on campaigns, traps, spells, magic items and other related AD&D stuff.

* The Cave: A number of generators, including a most useful village generator, and some custom data can be found on this website.

Gamewyrd: All manner of RPG and fantasy-related stuff.  Home to the Cyber Nexus website registry.

Hero Machine: Allows users to create graphical representations of their characters.  Not system specific, works on-line and as a download.

* MeMSO’s Automatic Dice Roller & E-mailer: STILL the very BEST automatic dice roller and e-mailer available on the web.

Mythmere’s Wondrous Resource: 3e resource centre with its own npcs, maps, encounters and magic items and links to other creations on the web.

Outlanda: Medieval fantasy roleplaying world set in message boards and chat.  Website features gaming articles and reviews and a monthly ezine.

PBEM: The definitive play by e-mail site on the Internet, hundreds of games listed, also does some on-line games listings.

Realms of Evil: The definitive resource for the nastier player and the darkest of DM’s.  A mountain of information is here, but most of it is just for 3rd Edition AD&D.

The RPG Gateway: Literally thousands of role-playing resources are linked to the RPG Gateway.  Includes listings of official game sites, resource sites and fan sites for all the major games.  The Content Imp is also the Gateway Editor for Virtual Tabletops.

RPG Penguin: A comic strip that parodies the excesses of a well-worn fantasy role-playing game world in colourful single panel servings.  Witty and wry with a tongue-in-cheek post-fantasy feel.

RPG Registry: A site to link players with GM’s, not AD&D specific.  Recently taken over by OpenRPG, the site is still mostly PBEM, but does have a growing contingent of virtual tabletop games.

Smart Monsters: A new type of MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) designed not for kids, but for adults with a rich cultural background.  Describes itself as making “games for smart grownups”.

Talisman Fantasy: The old Games Workshop game Talisman adapted for use with 2nd edition AD&D rules and changed from a board game to a true RPG. Custom world available for free download.

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