Rat Teeth Dagger

This stubby, filth encrusted weapon is covered with dozens of razor-sharp yellow rat teeth.  Its cruel appearance is indicative of its cruel purpose, for the designer of this weapon did not intend it to kill, but to permanently disfigure.  When drawn across flesh this weapon tears the skin, furrows muscle, shreds blood vessels and leaves the victim with deep and lasting, horrific scars.  Damage from this dagger is 1d3 plus any strength modifier.  For every ten points of damage a victim sustains from this weapon they lose one point of charisma which can only be restored through use of a Heal, Limited Wish or similar high level restorative magic.  Also, if a critical hit is scored the victim has been struck on the face and loses one point of charisma in addition to the previous damage.  Those wearing any kind of metal face protection are immune to the critical hit charisma loss.

This weapon is not magical and confers no to-hit bonuses.  Because damage from this dagger is slashing it is unsuitable for backstab attacks.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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