Sea Lord Trident

These tridents, relics of a forgotten sorcerer of the Triton race, afford the wielder power over all the oceans. A trident will always be the same height as its wielder or most recent owner and is made from a pale blue metal which maintains a constant temperature. Sea Lord Tridents have three spikes, each of which is crowned by a triple barb.

In combat a Sea Lord Trident functions as a trident +3, +6 vs. aquatic creatures. Once per day the wielder of the trident can cast a double strength Control Weather spell at his own level which affects only marine or coastal terrain. Once per day the wielder can cast a special animal summoning spell which will call every marine creature within 1 mile to assist the wielder for as long as he requires creatures with above animal intelligence are permitted a saving throw vs. spell and if successful they can decided whether they will obey the summons or not. The wielder of the trident is immune to any will force spells cast by marine creatures.

Tritons have long fought against the Kraken, who are monolithic terrors of the deep. If a Kraken or giant squid is within 1 mile the staff will glow red a colour it is extremely difficult for marine creatures to see. In combat against a Kraken the Sea Lord Trident is extremely potent, doing double damage with every hit, four times the damage on a critical, and giving the wielder a 30% resistance and +5 saving throw bonus against all spells cast by the Kraken.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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