Ring of the Sewer

Both a blessing and a curse; this ring is intended for those who don’t care too much about how they smell – or who are already quite rank.  The Ring of the Sewer is black with shallow carvings which cannot be read in even the best of light and no matter how much it is cleaned it always leaves filthy marks on whatever it touches.  Once placed on someone’s finger their charisma drops by 3 points as they become shrouded in a terrible stench and the ring cannot be removed except through use of a Remove Curse spell and the smell remains even after that until the wearer takes a very long bath – or four.

The benefits of the Ring of the Sewer are so considerable that for many the smell seems a small price to pay.  The wearer benefits from a continuous Protection From Vermin & Amorphs as per the wizard spells.  Thieves find that they blend much more easily into the darkness, receiving +15% to their Hide In Shadows skill.  All characters discover that they are able to walk through disease affected areas and perform activities such as swimming in sewers without contracting any of a number of virulent infections; their save vs. non-magical disease is improved by 3, they gain a 15% resistance to disease relate spells such as Contagion and in addition any disease they contract always does only 1 point of damage for every damage dice.  There is a 15% chance per day that any disease that is affecting the wearer will be magically cured.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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