Robes of Monarchic Disdain

Each of the seven layers of clothing which make up this beautiful garment is embroidered with gold thread in unholy markings and symbols of evil gods though the workmanship is of such highly quality that their meaning would not be immediately to apparent to anyone but a priest. The seven layers are, from innermost to outermost, silk, cashmere, velvet, silk, spun silver, silk and velvet with the top layer being trimmed with gold and dripping with emeralds which hang from the trim on short gold chains. The entire outfit which includes oriental-style trousers and soft shoes weighs about 15 pounds and is worth about 6000 gold pieces if stripped down and sold in parts.

These robes were made for a king, but a king who had already entered the world of undeath. If any living creature puts on these robes they must pass a system shock test or be killed instantly. Even if they pass they will be paralysed until the robes are removed and will suffer 1 point of damage per round until the robes are removed. Separating all seven layers of the robes from one another for any length of time destroys their magic and afterwards they can be worn without any effect (either positive or negative).

When placed on any undead creature, the robes prevent any turning attempt made against it and the priest who attempts the turning automatically sustains 1d6 points of damage. A second turning attempt by the same priest will result in 2d6 points of damage. A third causes 4d6 points of damage and a fifth attempt to turn by the same priest results in his or her instant death with no save allowed. A successful dispel magic (against level 12) cast on the robes neutralizes their powers for 1 hour, during which time the wearer may be turned as normal.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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