Hand of Glory

A Hand of Glory is made from the severed hand of a hanged man cut from him while he was still on the gibbet. Once severed the hand is drained of blood and then pickled for two weeks before its insides are scooped out and it is re-stuffed with waxes and unguents. The completed hand of glory, by the end of the process usually looking dark green, is formed into a stand for candles, with the fingers gripping the base of the candle. The hand of glory is a tool most often used by thieves, for those who fall under the spell of the hand are afflicted with deep unbreakable sleep.

When a candle held by a hand of glory is lit within a household of sleeping people, everyone who is asleep will remain so until the candle has burned down or the hand of glory is moved. No noise or movement will wake them, nothing either within or without the household can break the sleep. Elves and other creatures immune or resistant to sleep magic are affected by the magic of the hand of glory. As soon as the candle burns out, is disturbed or is blown out, everyone affected is awoken whether they would have awoken normally at that time or not and will know that they have been under the influence of a magical spell.

The hand of glory will affect any size of building, but all the occupants must be asleep or the candle will not light.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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