Castlenum & Stonemasonís 200% Fat Free Crackers

The most prestigious, exclusive and needless to say expensive boutique in the world is the famous Castlenum and Stonemason.The store was established 260 years ago and is still run by the same dwarves who set it up; Castlenum Burblethrip Kildunnum Hon Kildunnum Graybolt and Stonemason Hurgum Stonemason Stonemason Stonemason Hurgrum.These two dwarves, epicures and arbiters of taste in cuisine, maintain a store filled with delicacies that can be found nowhere else and one of their best selling products (second only to the Castlenum and Stonemasonís Travelling Gentlemanís Hamper) are their 200% fat free crackers.

Supplied in their own wax-paper-lined metal box, these crackers are thin, crisp, light brown and taste like warm buttered scones.What makes the crackers so popular is that when consumed, rather than gaining weight, the consumer loses weight.Each cracker consumed reduces the consumer in weight by the same amount as the cracker weighed.The crackers contain a secret ingredient or possibly a combination of secret ingredients which burn body fat.These crackers sell all year round to the servants of the capitalís fashionable young ladies and debutants, but the boom periods are in any month prior to important state occasions, when the rather more rotund male nobility are required to squeeze back into their ceremonial armour.

Each box of crackers contains one fifth of a pound of crackers.A person must consume 5 boxes to lose one pound in weight.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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