Castlenum & Stonemasonís Pot Of Nearly Endless Tea

The most prestigious, exclusive and needless to say expensive boutique in the world is the famous Castlenum and Stonemason.The store was established 260 years ago and is still run by the same dwarves who set it up; Castlenum Burblethrip Kildunnum Hon Kildunnum Graybolt and Stonemason Hurgum Stonemason Stonemason Stonemason Hurgrum.These two dwarves, epicures and arbiters of taste in cuisine, maintain a store filled with delicacies that can be found nowhere else.

There are few things more embarrassing to a civilized person than running out of tea at an inopportune moment and it is this delicate circumstance which Castlenum & Stonemasonís Pot of Nearly Endless Tea was created to alleviate.The Pot is made out of silver and stands about ten inches high from its legs to its lid.The exterior is usually monogrammed and decorated according to the wishes of the purchaser since all the pots are made to order.The dwarven runes which give the pot its powers are inscribed discretely on the underside.

A Pot, though only having an apparent capacity of a little over a pint, will actually hold ten gallons (eighty pints) of liquid.Regardless of the amount of liquid stored within the pot it will always weigh a constant two pounds.Furthermore the pot will keep the liquid at exactly the same temperature it was when it was poured in, while the exterior of the pot remains at room temperature.Exact testing regarding how long the pot will keep liquids hot for has not been conducted, but it is estimated to be in excess of three weeks and not more than two months.The pot has a curious one way flow system; liquid can only be poured in through the lid and can only come out through the spout, and both of these can be sealed for travel with stoppers which are provided with each pot.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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