A Wraithstone is always found wrapped in a black velvet bag which has a magical knack of being inseparable from the stone.  This dark purple rock is surrounded by a swirling cloudy aura of death and evil.  Even the magically uninitiated can perceive the grave chill that emanates from the wielder when this stone is unwrapped.  It causes dogs to howl and all creatures with the ability to perceive magic to withdraw.

A Wraithstone contains the trapped spirit of a wraith.  By holding it in one hand the wielder can envelope themselves in the wraith’s aura, becoming, as far as other undead creatures are concerned, just a wraith.  This stone’s power is greater than the wizard spell Wraithform because there is no chance of even intelligent undead recognising the person as alive unless they attack, in which case the wraith’s aura is disrupted and their true nature becomes apparent.  By using this item it is possible to penetrate even the most guarded of undead citadels.

Note that this item does not confer the powers or abilities of a wraith – or even the appearance of one to living creatures with normal vision.  And spells designed to affect living or dead creatures will function according to the true nature of the wielder of the Wraithstone.  So skeleton guards wouldn’t prove a problem to the wielder, but the locked doors passable only to non-corporeal undead, the spells triggered to kill living things, the mortal henchmen and the pit trips would.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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