Witchbone Armour

These breastplate and epaulets are formed from the fused bones of the elder witch Gortha-Shall.  The venerable sorceress was killed by her only daughter Agata who made her mother’s rib and hip bones into a suit of magical armour.  Each bone is marked with sigils which spell out, in an ancient and almost forgotten dialect, “From death cometh death.”  Whether it was ambition or some deeper purpose that moved Agata to kill her mother is unclear, but certainly the desecration of her remains could not be interpreted as an act of love and the Witchbone Armour radiates strongly of evil magic.

In combat the armour functions as bone armour +5, giving an armour class of 2.  The armour may be worn by any class entitled to wear bone armour normally and does not compromise spell casting abilities.  Anyone who successfully strikes the wearer of the bone armour will suffer damage.  Each dice of damage done has a –1 penalty (to a minimum of 1 damage per dice) and each hit point of damage reduced by the armour is inflicted on the attacker plus a further 1d6 damage (e.g. a longsword does 1d8 of damage and so the attacker sustains 1+1d6 hit points of damage) with no save or aversion or redirection possible for any reason including spells such as stone skin, anti-magic shield or wish granted immunities or divine powers of any level or potions of invulnerability or magical items of any power or similar.  The retributive power of the armour cannot be countermanded.

Finally, anyone slain by retributive damage from the armour is instantly raised as a wraith under the control of the wearer of the armour.  Should that wraith subsequently be killed and rendered truly dead the victim can be raised from the dead only by use of a wish or divine intervention.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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