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The Tomb

Have some care you who venture here!  This is the resting place of those heroes whom death has claimed as its own.  Proud they were; noble, strong and true – more valiant than thou that dares draw breath in their presence.  Yet for all their strength of arms or skill in spell or trade they lost their last battle and now this cold tomb plays poor rest to them.  So tread careful, for greatness is no defence against death.

Bracken Chapley : Fighter Bladedrawn (FR)

Nhersithi : Assassin – The Crown of Kings (Saas)


The Tavern

Not all those who chose to give up the life of adventure do so because their choice was a knife in the heart; many who have abandoned the sword and shield take up different weapons and fight other causes.  The deeds and fates of those who have fought and won are also recorded here.  And if you should be wary of your step among the dead, you should be terrified to transgress within the halls of the living.  That understood, step into the tavern and meet some of the greatest heroes in all creation.

Brenna Chapley : Druid – Bladedrawn (FR)

Burton : Cleric – The Crown of Kings (Saas)

Liasath : Ranger – Bladedrawn (FR), Guardians of the Portal (FR)

Morgana : Fighter / Mage – The Wizard’s Watch (FR)

Oakbow : Ranger – The Wizard’s Watch (FR)

Vitaloe : Thief / Mage – Guardians of the Portal (FR)


The Dungeon

In the blackness of the Underdark, in the heights of wizardly towers, among the ruins of Myth Drannor or upon some ne’er visited cranny of the multiverse.  These places are the playground of the bold adventurers who make their living with their swords and spells, defend the weak from oppression or just cart-off their own weight in gemstones on a weekly basis.  In the dungeon you can see just some of the characters that are currently being played in Epic Adventures on-line games.

Ashtaroth : Shadow Mage – Wells of Immortality (FR)

Gwalchmai : Thief / Mage – Wells of Immortality (FR)

Lin : Fighter – Wells of Immortality (FR)

Tamara : Fighter – The Nameless World (custom)

Uester : Battleguard – Wells of Immortality (FR)


If you know of a hero that should be included in any of these places, then contact the Content Imp with their details and he will hire a bard to sing their praises full time.


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