The Editorís Quill

This red and white striped feather is about eighteen inches in length and looks entirely impractical for the purpose it was made, but it is one of the greatest tools a writer can have.The quill canít be used to slay dragons or cure magical curses, but in literary circles it is steeped in legend and regarded as an item, if not divinely created, then certainly divinely inspired.So numerous are the legends that every great figure in the fields of poetry, literature and playwriting is rumoured to have possessed this item Ė a physical impossibility in many cases due to the overlap of careers.But certainly many writers have used it and it has been both boon and bane to at least a thousand years of arty scribblers.

The magic of the Editorís Quill ensures it can never be used to write anything bad.It will write lies, blasphemies, forged signatures and anything else the wielder chooses to write, just like a normal quill, but everything produced must be of the highest quality.As long as the writer produces exceptional written work, in whatever area, the quill will function normally, but when the wielder slips and begins to write rubbish the quill stops and no amount of forcing can make it go on unless the writing improves.The Editorís Quill can read the wielderís mind and it knows what they are going to write often before they do.Thus writers who are of great skill value the Quill as it assures that they remain on top form.

Such is the myth surrounding the Quill that many believe the instrument actually confers the ability to write well, but this is not the case.Many a hack has stolen the item in its history only to find that they are unable to do so much as sign their own name with it.Repeated use of the Editorís Quill does lead to better work being produced, but only for those who have some skill already Ė if you canít write anything, youíll never improve.

In game terms anyone with the artistic ability trait, or who has a score of more than 15 in charisma and intelligence, and who can write, can use the Quill and any literary work they produce will be of the highest quality.If used to produce forged documents then those documents will appear to be in order no matter how much scrutiny they are subjected to, providing that no obvious mistakes were made in their construction (so successful use of the forgery skill is required for this purpose).The Quill is of little use in directly copying any written item since it in no way ensures the copy is accurate and often wants changes made to the punctuation and grammar of the original.

(This item is from the custom world of Saas)

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