Jhezan’s Ring of Illusion

Jhezan was a powerful illusionist who once challenged an equally powerful enchanter to a contest.  Jhezan believed that he could use his illusion magic to trick the enchanter, while the enchanter believed he could use his magic to trick the illusionist and the prize would be a powerful ring which the two had discovered in a dragon’s horde and had fought over for several years.  Jhezan created a multi-layered illusion of such complexity and deviousness that its like has seldom been seen before or since.  He released this spell on his rival and as Jhezan expected the enchanter was terrified by the life-like nature of the horrors.

The enchanter admitted defeat and gave the ring to Jhezan, which he hungrily accepted, not realising the enchanter’s ploy for a moment.  The ring was a fake; enspelled with runes of entrapment to suck in Jhezan’s soul and bind him forever.  The enchanter then put on the ring intending to use Jhezan’s power as his own, but realised only too late that his spell had not completely trapped Jhezan.  The illusionist was furious and seized control of the enchanter’s body and hurled it from the highest window of his tower… into the nearby chasm and to his death.

Exactly who won the challenge is uncertain.

Jhezan’s Ring of Illusion remained in that chasm for sixty years before a party of adventurers stumbled across the skeletal body of the enchanter and discovered the ring.  By this time Jhezan was quite mad, his once brilliant mind had been broken by the enforced solitude and the greater portion of his power was lost.  However the ruining of his mind made him much easier to control and the party found him a useful and powerful tool.

Jhezan’s Ring can cast the following spells once per day at 16th level: Veil, Programmed Illusion, Minor Creation and Audible Glamour.

Using the ring carries with it an inherent risk.  To command a sentient item the wearer must first overpower the sentient spirit within.  The ring has an intelligence of 15 and an ego of 15, giving a total willpower score of 30.  So anybody whose combined intelligence and charisma score is less than 30 cannot command the ring.  If such a character puts on the ring they will instantly fall under the control of Jhezan and he will make an attempt to kill his host body in the most expedient manner.  When a character with a combined score of 30 puts on the ring they must roll a system shock check to avoid being taken over and must pass another test every time they use one of the ring’s powers.  Anyone whose score is more than 30 can command the ring with no difficulty, but will be forced to pass a system shock check if they are ever reduced to 0hp or suffer a level draining attack.  Once Jhezan has taken over he can be banished from the body by use of a remove curse spell or a successful dispel magic against level 16.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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