The Dead Queen’s Wedding Ring

This platinum wedding band is studded with a solitaire diamond of impressive size and exquisite cut.  The ring is inlaid with a fine mesh of gold which spells out “forever and always” in an ancient form of common which is now only barely legible.  This item is the pinnacle of the ring maker’s art and even if it were not enchanted it would cost 10, perhaps 20, thousand gold pieces to have its like made again – presuming there is even someone alive who could achieve such a feat.

The ring once belonged to the lich queen of an undead king.  Despite her husband being made evil by the transformation to undeath, she was not, and could not endure the long centuries living in a rotting shell.  Her spirit departed her body one morning at sunrise and despite all the undead king’s magic she could not be returned to it.  The ring, along with everything else she wore was placed with her in her tomb, where it was intended to remain forever.

When worn the Dead Queen’s Wedding Ring confers something of her nobility to the wearer.  They become immune to the charm of power that death has.  They are no longer affected by lich fear, vampiric gaze attacks or similar charm / fear abilities and they are immune to the trap the soul spell of a demi-lich and other similar mind control spells.  In addition if a person dies while wearing this ring they can elect whether or not they will return as undead.  Normally a victim killed by finger of death could be raised as a ju-ju zombie, the victim of a wight would rise as a servitor wight and a victim of mummy rot could be bandaged and would return as a mummy – but the wearer of this ring may elect not to be affected by these powers and simply remain dead.  This means that even if the wearer was killed under circumstances which would prevent them being raised – such as the finger of death spell – they may still be raised thanks to the power of this ring.  Subsequent removal of the ring after death has no affect.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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