Ring of the Elder Witch

The Ring of the Elder Witch is a golden tube about an inch in length worn on the finger. The ring is studded with four-hundred and forty very small precious stones, one-hundred and ten each are sapphires, emeralds, rubies and amber chips representing each of the four seasons. The ring is an artifact of enormous power whose origins are unknown, but whose history reaches back at least 3,000 years.

The Ring can only be worn by a hierophant druid of 17th level with a wisdom (willpower) score of at least 18. Anyone who does not meet those requirements putting the ring on will be instantly slain with no possibility of resurrection short of divine intervention. A druid who can use the ring receives 2 bonus spells for every level of spells they can cast (excluding quest spells). The wearer is then able to command and control elementals of any power at will. The wearer can turn or command undead as a 20th level cleric. Finally, any creature with a combined wisdom and intelligence score of 12 or less (6 or less in the case of creatures with no wisdom score) comes instantly under the control of the wearer if they are within 1,000, this control includes the ability to force the creature to commit suicide and perform acts against its alignment.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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