Vanity Mirror

Created by an aging female wizard, with the pretext of allowing her to see herself as forever young and beautiful, the true power of the vanity mirror is one of magicís best kept secrets.Physically the mirror fits comfortably into a womanís hand and is made of highly polished silver; one side engraved with the a simple floral pattern while the reflective side is as smooth as glass and provides a magically crisp reflection beyond what could be achieved with polished metal alone.

Anyone who looks into the vanity mirror will see themselves as they were at the height of their physical powers.The old will see themselves as young, the sick will see themselves as well and the maimed will see their limbs returned.But this is just a clever magical trick, a little piece of chronomancy rather than illusion.

The true power of the vanity mirror is in its power to mislead.When left face up in a room of any size the mirror will thwart any attempt to scry into that room made from outside.Those who are attempting the scrying will never suspect that their attempts are being perverted because they will see exactly what it is they expected to see.If the scryer believes his enemies are working against him in consort and know all his secrets, that is what he will see.If he believes his friends are ransacking his home, that is what he will see.Level 10 magic, certain powerful artefacts and gods are unaffected by this item.

Finally, if any kind of divination spell is cast upon the holder of the vanity mirror they will be instantly aware of it.The mirror does not prevent divination of this type, but it does reflect that same magic back against the caster.So if a priest cast Know Alignment then the holder of the mirror would gain knowledge of the priestís alignment.This magic need not be specifically targeted at the holder, a Detect Magic or Detect Invisibility spell which would affect the holder would be reflected in a similar way.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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