The Circlet of Nierron Tein

This band of gold is carved with hundreds of tiny skulls each of which has a different kind of gem stone for eyes, varying from decorative or ornamental to highly valued stones such as black opals, rubies and diamonds.  The entire spectrum of colour is represented in the eyes of the circlet, but despite its great beauty you cannot look at it without feeling uneasy – as if it is also looking back at you.

The Circlet is said to have been created through the sacrifice of hundreds of people, each of them becoming one of the skulls on the surface of this headpiece.  Whether the numbers are exaggeration or not, the Circlet radiates powerful necromantic magic and is a great boon to practitioners of death magic.

Only a necromancer may use this item, any other character class which attempts to do so will either be unable to put it on or will find that once they do they have a great desire to take it off again.  Even if they persist in wearing it the constant unease it creates makes it impossible for them to access its power.  Any necromancer who wears this receives double his or her necromancer bonuses.  So all necromancy spells cast by the wearer are at –2 to save, while all necromancy spells cast against them are at +2 saves.  They also receive a second bonus spell for every spell level they have attained, this extra spell must also be cast from the school of necromancy.  All reaction rolls against undead take place as if the wearer’s charisma were 1 point higher than it is.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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