Witch Ball

For more details about real world witches see the RPGuides article Witches & Witchcraft.

A Witch Ball is a mirrored sphere about four inches in diameter.  The nature of witches has meant that the practice of their art goes hand in hand with secrecy and in maintaining secrecy the witch ball is an indispensable tool.

Whenever a scrying spell is cast against the possessor of a witch ball they are alerted of it by the ball glowing brightly and emitting a low-pitched sound similar to a large dog’s growl.  The scrying is automatically halted, but afterwards the witch ball can reflect whatever scrying was being used against the caster – so clairaudience would enable the possessor of the witch ball to hear the caster, while clairvoyance would enable them to see the caster.  There is no chance of insanity using a witch ball and spells may be cast through a witch ball in the same way as a crystal ball.  The caster of the scrying spell will not gain any knowledge that a witch ball is being used, but will merely think the spell failed, however there is a standard chance that a reflected scrying will be detected as normal.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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