The Apple of Vay

Baron Alberto de Vay was a cantankerous and crotchety nobleman plagued in his youth by ill health and the attentions of various healers and priests.  Vay grew to detest priests and when he became a sufficiently powerful wizard he created a small golden apple which he wore around his neck on a string of pearls until the day he died.  It was always Vay’s belief that his priests were in fact poisoning him and this may have been true, since after he dismissed them and created this amulet he was never bothered by ill-health again and it is said he lived to be one-hundred and twenty-seven, a ripe age even by the standard of wizards.

The Apple of Vay has become a famous artifact, now sought for a different purpose than Vay intended.  A peasant rhyme has it that “the apple of Vay keeps the priests away”.  The amulet gives the wearer the power to turn priests of any alignment as if they were undead at 12th level (for turning purposes each priest turns as a hit dice undead equal to their current level).  Regardless of the level of the priest, the amulet never results in death for the priests, if destruction would normally be the result then the priest will flee as normal and will subsequently find that none of their spells (excluding quest spells) will function against the wearer of the amulet for a period of one full year.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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