The Eye of Mensh

The Eye of Mensh, also known as the Second Crown of Mensh, and within Mensh as the All-Seeing Eye.  In form the Eye of Mensh is a mithril tiara set with a single heart-shaped diamond about two inches across.  The tiara is the crowning glory and creation of Arianne von Morden, The Lady of Mensh and is probably the most powerful divination tool in the hands of man on the world of Saas.

When worn the Eye of Mensh bestows an almost divine precognition upon the wearer; they become aware of events before they occur.  In combat this represents itself by giving the wearer a +3 bonus to armour class, which is always in addition to any other protections or spells.  The wearer is always able to avoid the effects of spells which have an area of effect providing they can move, so fireballs, cloud kills and even lightning bolts cannot damage the wearer.  Finally, the wearer is never surprised.

The Eye of Mensh allows the wearer to read minds and emotions with an effective range of 300’.  The wearer becomes vaguely aware of all minds within this area and of their alignment and can afterwards choose to interrogate the mind further.  There is no chance of the mind detecting this scrying unless it’s combined intelligence and wisdom scores are 38 or greater – which means no standard human would ever be able to detect such scrying.  If the wearer chooses they can, given time, learn everything that the mind knows including spells – though this does not grant the ability to cast or understand them.  Any mind the wearer is aware of can be communicated with telepathically.

The last power of the Eye of Mensh is vision over distance.  Using the Eye the wearer can send their vision roaming in any direction at a speed of up to 128’, moving through solid obstacles and magical barriers of less than 10th level without obstacle.  Unlike scrying with a crystal ball the wearer need have no knowledge whatsoever of what they wish to see and there is no chance of insanity.  Scrying is restricted to the plane of existence upon which the wearer is on, and the astral and ethereal planes.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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