Grand Broom of Flying

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The white wooden handle of this broom is carved to resemble a narwhal tusk. It terminates with twigs from the smoke marsh willow bound with three bands of midnight forged iron each marked with spells of speed and flight. This is the Grand Broom of Flying, commonly referred to as the Grand Broom, which has been the badge of office for the lead witch of the Black Moon Coven for as long as legends have been told. In an ancient ritual, once per year the bristles of the broom are ignited in the fires of a volcano and the broom is flown to light the fire underneath the World Cauldron, the symbol of the power of the Black Moon Coven.

The Grand Broom of Flying can only be successfully controlled by a rider with at least 15 Wisdom (Willpower). It can carry only one person at a time, but travels at a rate of 48 with a movement class of A. While in flight the rider of the broom is immune to extremes of temperature and natural impediments such as rain, wind, snow, fog and even lightning. The rider can see half a mile in all directions as if it was broad daylight on a clear day, but cannot see invisible items or creatures if not normally able to do so and cannot see through solid objects without additional magic.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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