Flat Black Dagger

Merely holding this weapon makes you believe all the legends you have heard about it. Reputedly this dagger is made from darkness itself, broken from the edge of the darkest night millennia ago by a powerful shadow mage and forged into a weapon on a fire of burning shadow with a hammer of made from the essence of a cavern. Although the truth about its origins can never be confirmed the blade reflects no light, in fact lights brought near to the dagger grow dim and are extinguished by its magic.

In combat the Flat Black Dagger functions as a dagger +3 and always does 5 points damage per hit, regardless of the strength of the wielder. Undead struck by this weapon are actually healed for a like amount of damage. The dagger itself is impossibly thin and seems to be able to cut through anything given time; materials forced to make a saving throw because of this blade suffer a 6 to that save. The dagger is not subject to destruction by physical means, but can be destroyed if Continual Light is cast upon it 100 times on the summer solstice between dawn and dusk.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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