Riderís Saddle

The Riders of Denn, a mercenary company, are famed for their ability to control horses and push them to great feats of speed and agility.The training methods they use are highly secretive and they have killed to preserve them many times, but the saddles that the officers employ are well known.Each Riderís Saddle Ė and unknown numbers have been made in the companyís centuries long history Ė is dark brown and bears several runes which have been burned onto the leather of the saddle with a brand.

Any horse which wears this saddle will respond much more quickly and correctly to the commands of its rider.To reflect this the riding skill of the rider is improved by 2 while he is in the saddle.The saddle does not provide the ability to control a horse, this must be developed separately and these saddles have no effect on wild horses.

5% of these saddles were made for senior officers.They are almost identical, except that they have stirrups which are attached to the saddle by lengths of brass chain.They can only be comfortably be used by people whose legs are of similar length to the original owner.The saddle of a senior officer improves the riding skill by 4.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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