Breastplate of the Guardians

This toughened red leather breastplate is marked with a dragon head emblem which has been made of beaten gold inlaid directly into the surface of the leather.  It was clearly designed to hold a female warrior and will provide no protection for anyone with a masculine frame.  Legend has it that exactly 100 of these breastplates were made for the warrior concubine bodyguard of the Emir of Nierron Tein, a city which was destroyed by the Dread Lich Zaranar along with most of the First Empire of Alanthor.

Nierron Tein was rediscovered by the Battlemage T’Shazz and this is but one of several treasure she retrieved from that city of the dead before it was again consumed by the ever-shifting desert sands.  T’Shazz reported that the Breastplate was still worn by one of the bodyguards who had become transformed into a Desert Wight – the power of these creatures doubtless explains why despite 100 of these breastplates existing, only a dozen have ever been recovered.

A Breastplate of the Guardians has an armour class of 6 and may be worn by any class, including spell casters, without compromising their spell casting ability.  In addition, the power of the breastplate reduces the damage the wearer takes from any attacks by 1 point plus 1 point per damage die, to a minimum of one point per damage die.  So if the wearer was hit by a broadsword which does 2d4 damage, she would sustain 2d4-3 damage with a minimum of 2.  If the wearer was hit by a long sword which does only 1d6 damage she would sustain 1d6-2 damage, with a minimum of 1.  If she was struck with a whip which does only 1d2 damage, she would automatically sustain 1 – the minimum allowed.  This is the case for spells such as fireball and magic missile also.  The armour is effective regardless of the number of individual wounds caused in any one combat segment and each attack receives a damage reduction.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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