The Talon

This metal gauntlet looks like an umber hulk claw.  On the hand of most intelligent creatures it looks oversized and is much too unwieldy for use as a weapon in combat, yet it fits perfectly onto whatever hand wears it.  The surface of the Talon is covered in tiny runes which are obviously magical since no more than one rune can be understood at any one time – reading and learning a second rune wipes your memory of the first.  Careful note taking between reading of the runes is essential for the Talon’s powers to be used, for the runes are both the power source of the item and its instruction manual.  A wizard or priest, given 1d6 weeks –1 day for every point of intelligence to a minimum of three days, can decipher the runes and gain at least a working knowledge of the power of the Talon.

The Talon was created in ages past by a king of the undead who was too afraid to march into battle for fear that his body would be destroyed – he was not a lich and could not endure that – but placed little trust in his servitor creatures.  By using this heavy metal gauntlet the wearer can control the actions of any single undead creature which they created or now command either through priestly powers or wizard spells – intelligent undead who serve the wearer because of a bargain cannot be controlled by this item.  One creature may be selected by the wearer and he gains the ability to see (as the wearer would normally) through the eyes of that undead and to hear what it hears.

The wearer of the Talon can fight using this body which gains his THAC0 and dexterity bonuses, but still uses its own damage rating and special attacks.  If the wearer is a spell caster he may cast up to 3 spell levels through this creature (3 x 1st or 1 x 2nd & 1 x 1st or 1 x 3rd) and upon casting the third spell level the possessed creature is destroyed.  Attempts made to turn a creature so possessed will always fail, regardless of the level of the priest attempting the turning.  The wearer must remain absolutely still while using this item and moving or being moved in the slightest will break the spell.  Also a successful dispel magic against level 12 or a remove curse will end the possession.  The wearer is aware of what is happening around his own body as he would be normally and the Talon’s spell may be ended at any time.  Whether the spell is broken or ended by choice the undead creature possessed is destroyed instantly; consumed by the magic of the Talon.

There is no time limit for using Talon, a mortal may use it as long as they can remain awake while a lich could use it indefinitely.  And the Talon may be used any number of times in a single day.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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