Secrets of Saltmarsh

DM: Odysseus – Homepage: SOS – Message Board: SOS – Vacancies: None

3E game set in the Forgotten Realms.  The Grandson of Old Ma Shakeshaft has gone missing. She says he has always talked about the old Haunted House on the Cliff point. The villagers have searched the nearby area, and have decided the house needs checking. Saltmarsh is part of the Duchy of Daggerford. The Duchy empowers the local village council to Draft any able-bodied person within the village area to serve in the militia and refusal is a jailable offence.  Do you have the courage to face the Haunted House?  Do you have the skill to come out alive?


Wells Of Immortality

DM: Dragonpearl – Homepage: WOI – Message Board: WOI – Vacancies: None

Do you have what it takes to find the Wells of Immortality?  These brave souls think they do.  Little do they know what is really in store for them.  Come and follow along in their adventure as it takes them across the face of Fae'run.  But beware, Dragonpearl has been known to rapidly switch alignments from kind and goodly, to downright evil on a whim.  So come and visit if you dare, and who knows, you may have a part to play in this story of myth, adventure, chaos, and really big bugs with bad attitudes.


The Nameless World

DM: Roger – Homepage: TNW – Message Board: TNW – Vacancies: None

This campaign is set in a world that the DM has never gotten around to naming despite having run it since 2000, hence the name.  Just another rip-off of medieval earth, built as a generic clone of AD&D 2nd edition.  This campaign's main attractions include intricate puzzles (sometimes too intricate), scenes of graphic violence (occasionally too graphic), raucous humour, cinematic clichιs and mindless combat (never too much of those). Not for the feeble of mind or weak of stomach.


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