Dragon Horn Blade

If the legends are true then this sword, curved and three feet in length and carved both hilt and blade from a single bone shard, was once the crowning horn of the three which sat upon the scaly brow of Kormanthyrax the Black, a prince among dragon-kind.  In his thousand year life the great lizard was said to have killed forty of his own kind – a feat which belittles even the achievements of the dwarf heroes of old – and to have amassed a horde as vast as any before or since.  As dragons do not grow frail with age but become ever stronger, so it seemed that Kormanthyrax would live until the end of days becoming god-like in power and beyond the grasp of even the mightiest mortal adventurers.

It was in such rude health that the great beast was encountered by the Witch Queen Agata, foremost of the druids of her age of the world and a sorceress with few peers.  In a murky swamp with no witnesses the two titans came to blows.  What magic and muscle were exercised that day cannot be guessed, but when the battle was concluded Kormanthyrax lay dead and the Witch Queen was triumphant.  It is said she took the middle horn from the dragon’s brow and without adornment or enchantment made it her weapon and her greatest trophy.

In combat the Dragon Horn Blade functions as a scimitar +4, though it is capable of hitting any opponent, including divine beings.  The sword secretes a thick black acid in combat, so anyone struck by the blade suffers normal damage plus an extra 1d8 per hit in the round they were struck, followed by a further 1d8 per hit in the next round.  The acid does not splash so those nearby are not affected, neither are items of equipment except armour which must save or be destroyed.  Parrying the Dragon Horn Blade requires that the weapon save against destruction also, even enchanted weapons may be destroyed in this way, though they save with a +3 and artefact level weapons with a +6.

The Dragon Horn Blade still retains a portion of the aura of command and power that Kormanthyrax had and the wielder is able to command black dragons with it.  Providing the wielder’s level is greater than the number of hit dice a black dragon possesses it will behave as if it was charmed by the wielder as per the wizard spell – and providing it is not requested to perform unreasonable actions it is not entitled to a saving throw regardless of the amount of time it remains charmed.  This charm is not subject to dispel magic, but would be suspended if a successful dispel against 20th level were cast on the Dragon Horn Blade.  Even if the wielder is lower in level than the dragon’s hit dice, or the above charm is broken, the wielder will still be immune to dragon fear and to any mind-affecting spells the dragon may have the ability to cast.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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