Bolts of the Cryptcrawler

Each of these wooden crossbow bolts is carved with a series of holy symbols on the shaft.  Close inspection reveals that pretty much every god that grants their clerics powers to fight the undead has their symbol recorded at least once.  The head of the bolt is solid silver and the flights are stork feathers.  Each bolt has been enchanted to undo the death magic which holds undead creatures in animation.

Any undead creature may be struck by one of these bolts, although they do not confer any magical plusses to hit or damage.  The damage done is 1d6.  Any undead who takes damage from one of these bolts is affected by a spell similar in power to the turning ability of a level 12 priest.  An appropriate turning roll is made immediately against the creature struck and only the creature struck with the effects of that turning also being resolved immediately.

These bolts are quite rare and difficult to construct, so only 1d3 will normally be found together in any randomly determined treasure.

(This item is from the world of Saas)

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