Archmage Bongo’s Solid Lightning

Level: 1

School: Conjuration

Range: Special

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: 1 bolt

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 4

Saving Throw: ½ damage

Description: Solid lightning conjures from thin air an object which resembles a stylised lightning bolt, pulsing with a dim light.  This solid bolt of lightning will remain in this state for 1d6+1 rounds at the end of which time it will simply disperse into the ether.  To use the bolt the caster, and only the caster, can hurl it towards any target within 30’ that they can see.  No roll is required for the bolt to hit and the damage done is 1d6+1 point for each level the wizard has achieved with a save vs spell for half – note that although the spell is called Solid Lightning the damage is magical not electrical.  Casting the spell and hurling the bolt cannot be done in the same round.

The solid lightning spell affects all targets and unlike the magic missile spell it can be used to damage inanimate objects.  In fact solid lightning is excellent at destroying inanimate objects, so no object is entitled to a save to reduce the damage done by half.

When the lightning bolt strikes and object its solid form evaporates as the magic discharges into the target.  If the caster releases the bolt without throwing it, it automatically ends the spell with no effect.

 (This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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