Raelism : The Collected Works of Uester Rael

Formerly a farmer, slave, mercenary soldier and adventurer, lately the Battleguard Priest of Tempus, Uester Rael has taken to writing down his thoughts on a variety of matters. The wisdom of Uester Rael is appropriate for inclusion in any fantasy campaign, but Uester himself originates and still resides within the Forgotten Realms. All medical information given is accurate to medieval/renaissance standards and as such while it might work, Epic Adventures disclaims all liability and discourages their actual use in all cases medical science has had a few hundred years to advance since then.

Book One : Treatise on the Health of the Human Body and Related Discourses.

Book Two : Treatise on the Knowledge of Husbandship and Related Discourses.

Book Three : The Book of Uester (religious tome for devotees of Tempus).

Book Four : The Ceremonies and Rites of the Feast of the Moon.

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