The World Of Saas

Saas is a custom world designed by David F. Porteous and shaped by waves of bold adventuring PCs. Epic Adventures will be hosting the World of Saas, and EAs first game since the creation of the new website will be set on Saas. As time progresses more of the details of Saas will be posted here and eventually it is our intention to provide an entire world setting for download, free of charge to anyone who wants to set their game in this ancient and historically rich world.

The Pantheon Of Gods & The Ages Of Saas

The Dwarven Calendar

Elves & The Green Wood

Dwarves & The World Spine

Lizardmen & The Swamp Of Death

Humans & The Empires Of Man

Dark Elves, The Demon Horde & The Fathomless Pit

Centaurs & The Great Plain

Orcs, Fimir & The Icy North

Aroakan & The Ringar Hills

Gnomes & The Homestead Vale


Champions & Villains


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