Archmage Bongo’s Amazingly Convincing Disguise

Level: 2

School: Conjuration

Range: Self

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: Self

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 5

Saving Throw: None

Description: One of the most powerful spells the “Archmage” ever created was  his Amazingly Convincing Disguise.  When cast this spell brings into existence a wide brimmed pink felt hat with flowers tied about it with a strip of ribbon.  The hat looks completely ridiculous, as does the wearer.  So ridiculous in fact that they could not possibly be a person of any consequence.

While wearing the Amazingly Convincing Disguise the caster can move around as if invisible.  People can see him, but take no notice of him.  Any creature of greater than animal intelligence with less than 10 hit dice or levels will regard the person wearing the hat as unimportant.  By virtue of this spell the caster can penetrate the best guarded fortress in broad daylight or sit in on the most private and secret of conversations without anyone raising an eyebrow.  If questioned later, people who observed the caster will be unable to recall any feature except for the hat unless their combined wisdom and intelligence scores are greater than 30.

Performing any action which is worthy of notice – such as attacking someone with a knife, dragging a treasure chest or casting a spell – instantly ends the spell, otherwise the spell lasts for 1 hour plus one turn per level of the caster.

(This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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