The Lady of Mensh

Name: The Lady of Mensh
Real Name: Lady Arianne von Morden
Race: Human
Class: Diviner

Level: 24
Deity: Baeandar
Alignment: Lawful Good
Family: Husband, Prince Kurt von Morden; Daughter, Gina von Morden; Son, Adam von Morden; Daughter-In-Law, Katrine the Witch; Grandson, Duncan von Morden; Grandson, Darr von Morden; Grandson, Ferdinand von Morden.

STR: 5 (6)
DEX: 4 (5)
CON: 6 (7)
INT: 18
WIS: 18
CHR: 18


AC: -4

THAC0: 15 melee and missile base

HP: 41

Movement: 3

Special Attacks: Spells.

Special Defence: Spells, items.                         

Saving Throws: All saves made at 3

Size: M (5’)

WP: Quarterstaff, dagger, dart, sling.

NWP: Reading/Writing 19 (common, dwarf, elf); Herbalism 16; Modern Languages 18 (dwarf, elf); Omen Reading 16 (smoke); Spellcraft 17; Sage Knowledge 16 (alchemy, astrology, astronomy) 18 (divination school); Ancient History 17 (the first empire); Ancient Languages 18 (old common); Astronomy 18; Astrology 18; Religion 18; Etiquette 18 (noble); Heraldry 18; Singing 18; Weather Knowledge 17.

Spells: 8, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4 (includes bonus spells for high intelligence and divination specialization).

Equipment: The Eye of Mensh, Staff of the Magi, Robes of the Archmagi (good), Ring of Protection +3, Ring of Free Action, 6 x Ioun Stones (clear spindle, deep red sphere, pale blue rhomboid, pale lavender ellipsoid, pink rhomboid, vibrant purple prism), Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, Cube of Force, Dagger +1, 5 x Dart +2, Sling of Seeking +2, 20 x Bullet +1, Eyes of Minute Seeing, Gem of Seeing, Cloak of Protection +5, Periapt of Wound Closure.  As the greatest of human diviners, The Lady of Mensh will have access to all common divination-related magic items and most non-unique items.

Physical Appearance: Age has not been kind to the Lady of Mensh.  Her hands are crippled with arthritis and twisted to near uselessness while her face is heavy hanging with lines and wrinkles.  Still she is not a crone, she maintains, perhaps through some unknown sorcerous means, a remarkable halo of dignity and power and seems always to be bathed in light.  Few people who enter the presence of the Lady of Mensh are not awed by her very real majesty.

Personality: The Lady of Mensh is a blue blood noble from an ancient family and does not have the same rapport with the common people as her husband Prince Kurt does, nevertheless she is not a cold or cruel woman.  She is fiercely protective of her family and she is not a woman to cross with regard to the von Morden family.  She has a scholarly background which affects the way she perceives problems and unless forced to action she is likely to consider things much longer than others would.

Background: Arianne Hoffmann was born in the city of Capitol in Alanthor into a family of powerful wizards.  Not just powerful in terms of ability, but financially wealthy and politically very well connected; Arianne’s father was a Military Duke while he grandfather served for eight years as court magician to the Duke of Almsford and her great uncle was associate professor of extra-planar summoning at the Palaces of Magic.  It was understood from before her conception that Arianne would become a great diviner.

At the age of three she began her studies into magic under the care and tutelage of Aethlis himself, greatest of the eleven archmages.  By the time she was twenty she had completed her training and was an accomplished diviner and it was then that Aethlis told her of her destiny, that she would travel to the city of Mensh, long within the grip of a despot, and would save it from destruction.  Aethlis also revealed – for he had seen long years into the future – that her bloodline would bear heroes that would one day change the world of Saas forever and would set right an imbalance thirty thousand years old.

Arianne left for Mensh and there fell in love with the captain of the city guard, a principled and hard-working man called Kurt von Morden.  In the city’s darkest hour it was Kurt and Arianne who were its salvation and in recognition of their efforts, with the previous royal line deceased, they were declared by all to be the new rulers of the city.  Having reigned for half a century, justly and wisely, they are regarded as being two of the most astute politicians anywhere.  Recently the Lady of Mensh’s health has begun to fail her and she spends most of her time in bed where, despite pleas for her assistance in matters of divination, she receives few visitors.


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