Archmage Bongo’s Highly Useful Shovel

Level: 1

School: Conjuration

Range: Self

Duration: 1 hour

Area of Effect: Self

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 8

Saving Throw: None

Description: The Highly Useful Shovel conjures a shining steel shovel of exactly the right length for the caster to dig with.  The shovel can be used to dig at a normal rate by the caster through materials he would normally be able to dig through.  The shovel can also be used as a weapon, in which case it counts as magical weapon with respect to what can be hit by the shovel though it confers no plusses.  The caster is always presumed to be proficient with the shovel and it has a speed of 1, doing 1d4 crushing damage per hit.

The real advantage of the highly useful shovel is that, like many of “Archmage” Bongo’s spells, it is a non-specific magic which will perform any of the functions a shovel normally will.  It can be used to break open chests, locks, doors, as a lever, a weapon, a small bridge or anything of that sort.  The shovel is not subject to non-magical damage and cannot be bent or melted, but will disappear if it sustains six points of spell damage or is struck by a magical weapon of greater than +1 enchantment.

The verbal component of the spell includes the phrase, “You know, what I need is a highly useful shovel.”  The somatic component is leaning on an imaginary shovel and on completion of the spell the shovel appears in that space.

 (This spell was developed for the world of Saas)

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