The Pantheon Of Gods & The Ages Of Saas

The Mother Goddess

The Elemental Gods

Gor, the God of Earth

Lor, the God of Water

Aor, the God of Air

Sor, the God of Fire

The Age of Creation & the Slumber of the Gods

The Elder Gods

Bethanine, the Elven Goddess of Love

Lorin, the Elven Goddess of Beauty

Baeandar, the Elven God of Nobility

Narbon, the Elven God of Art

Miradros, the Elven God of Pride

Durruk Bha, the Dwarven God of Constancy

Matta Rho, the Dwarven Goddess of Family

Verdun Jin, the Dwarven God of Riches

The Role of Treants

            c.f. Treants of Saas

The Birth of the Elves

            c.f. Elves of Saas

The Creation of the Dwarves

            c.f. Dwarves of Saas

The Fall & the Conclusion of the Elder Age

The Mortal Gods

Ssyth, the Serpent of Death, God of the Lizardmen

Urh, the Orcish God of Strife

Sebrinna, the Human Goddess of Fortune

Mighty Bo, the Human God of Combat, Strength & Honour

Volus, the Human God of Law

Rivvik, the Goblin King (deceased)

Faceless Roon, the God(dess?) of Secrets

Wathe the Great Charger, Centaur God of Swiftness, Courage & Adventure

Hrol, the Gnomish God of Curiosity

Dakkandrek the Unspeakable Shadow, Black God, Fallen One, Beast of the Pit, Master of the Damned, He Who Cannot Be Named, Prince of the Dark Elves, God of Evil, Hate, Cruelty, Pain, Darkness, Demons, Witches, Fear, Terror, Torture, Murder, Rape, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Avarice, Wrath & Pride

The Creation of the Mortal Races & the Beginning of the Mortal Age

            c.f. Humans, Centaurs, Lizardmen, Gnomes, Aroakan & Orcs of Saas

Which Gods Can My Character Worship?


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